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Dear MI NATOA Member or Prospective Member:

The mission of the Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Telecommunication Officers and Advisors (MI NATOA) is to support and serve the communications interests and needs of local governments. It is a professional association made up of individuals and organizations responsible for, or advising those responsible for – communications policies and services.

In 2014, MI-NATOA Executive Board Members:

• Worked hard to build and maintain the membership base including building connections on social media;

• Designed an easier way for members to stay engaged through the launch of a new website;

• Kept members abreast of changes in technology, PEG legislation and potential threats;

• Discussed the annual MPSC report with staffers and helped add clarity to some of the survey questions in the annual survey;

• Collectively, 17 member communities banded together for an AT&T audit which found AT&T to be miscalculating franchise fees and PEG fees;

• Collectively, communities joined Minnesota in replying to Comcast that the transfer request was incomplete. Other member communities challenged the request as well. Those challenges have proven to be fruitful based on the mere number of times the FCC has postponed the deadline for review;

• Filed supporting comments to NATOA proposed conditions Reg: Comcast-TWC transfer proceeding;

• Organized and secured key speakers at the annual joint meeting of Michigan NATOA and Michigan ACM.

In 2015, members have already had the benefit of knowing their president represented Michigan members at the SCAN NATOA conference presenting on brand imaging, presented two MML Webinars; Comcast Time Warner Merger and Metro Act Permits and Authority; presented two eNATOA webinars; Social Media for Local Governments and Elections Policies on Government Access Channels, and presented on PEG issues at the Central States Conference.

With a 2015 MI-NATOA membership, you will receive important legislative information and video service information that could affect your municipality’s rights of way and video service agreements. Your membership provides opportunities of professional networking to help strengthen Michigan legislation for community channels and municipal funding.

Please contribute to the Public Education Campaign to preserve these valuable resources. Your Public Education dollars are matched dollar-for-dollar by a public education foundation grant. Mail your membership and Public Education contribution using the application form linked at the top of this page. Working together, we can be better prepared in securing the future.


Deborah Guthrie Chapter President, Michigan NATOA


Top Ten Reasons to Join or Renew Your Membership in Michigan NATOA

  1. It’s the best way to network to solve problems and understand challenges facing PEG (Public, Education and Government) access operations.
  2. The website, Email Group (Listserv), and membership list give you instant access to information and direct help from others in your field.
  3. Take advantage of professional development opportunities at regular meetings or networking lunches throughout the year.
  4. Stay in touch with other cities and townships that have franchises with your cable operator.
  5. Be part of a proactive initiative to protect our PEG channels and franchise fees. Michigan NATOA has spearheaded a Public Education Campaign and has also participated in legal assistance to member communities and legislative initiatives.
  6. Meet the MI-NATOA members from the professions we need to protect our interests, such as lawyers, CPAs and lobbyists.
  7. Get the member rate to attend the annual MAB (Michigan Association of Broadcasters) Great Lakes Broadcast Conference, which offers workshops, demos and trade show.
  8. Annual dues have remained the same for more than a decade
  9. Be represented in Lansing and Washington, D.C., on PEG and franchise matters.
  10. Be part of national NATOA and all the resources it has to offer.

Stay in the loop. Join MI-NATOA today!