Welcome to Michigan NATOA!



FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 11:30AM - 1:30PM

at WKTV, 5261 Clyde Park Ave SW  Wyoming  MI 49509



  • 2017 Spring Chapter Meeting
  • NATOA Annual Conference in Michigan
  • future of AT&T U-verse
  • changes in state law regarding cable franchising
  • pro-active strategy going forward
  • election of officers for 2017


NATOA IS… The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors. It is a professional organization working with local government agencies to provide up-to-date information about local, state and national legislation to help maximize the effective use of cable and telecommunication systems. Visit NATOA at www.natoa.org

MICHIGAN NATOA IS… Your local connection to this important national resource. Meetings are held periodically at alternate sites to give you the opportunity to meet other cable and telecommunication professionals and share valuable information, knowledge and experiences.